Designing Delightful Digital Experiences

Step into a realm where I, Rhitik, craft interfaces that breathe simplicity and charm. Every click unfolds a new adventure, where innovation dances with elegance. Welcome to a world where design meets delight.

Your Personal AI Travel Assistant


This case study placed #6 out of 150+ entries in the Global UXCEL Design Challenge 2023. The app enhances community-based hyperlocal travel with user-generated content, context-aware journey planning, and an AI-based itinerary planner

Empowering Parents for Healthy Teen Habits


Crafted a habit tracking app for teens and a companion app for parents to support positive habit formation. Our user-centered design approach ensured intuitive experiences, fostering habit development and parental involvement.

HCI Project

Antyodaya SARAL Haryana

Passionate UX designer crafting enriching digital experiences for learners, freelancing with three clients on seven+ educational products.

Social Complexity & Systems Thinking Project

Sarathi Electronic Ticketing Machine

This study investigated Haryana Roadways' ticketing system, exploring challenges faced by employees and potential benefits of digitalization. Through interviews and research, Sarathi, a digital intervention, was conceived. Versions were designed for different user groups, including conductors, flying squads, and depot managers. This project was part of my Masters course on Social Complexity and Systems Thinking.